For many years, I have been supporting the movement "Economy for the Common Good" (ECG; Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie/ GWÖ) in the state of Hesse. In 2019, we held the first service learning seminar on ECG in Hesse. In this project, seven common good balances and reports were developed by partner companies of the pilot project, together with the regional ECG group and about 25 students of our service learning seminar. Participating companies covered all stages of the food value chain: primary production (agriculture), processing (e.g. butchery), retail (e.g. local organic food and natural goods retailer), and out-of-home catering (e.g. farm shop, restaurant, school caterer). We evaluated the teaching concept in order to gain insights into the design of learning processes that students experience when working together with business. One year later, our teaching project was included by the Toepfer Foundation in their 2020 programme with the thematic focus "Teaching and learning sustainability and social transformation", which gave us the opportunity to try out further learning design processes. Thus, during the Corona pandemic, we created a support seminar for organisations of all kinds (but related to food or nutrition), in which we offered practical help to companies, associations, schools, etc. and reflected on common good-oriented thinking and action in a blog. We wanted to refuse the assumption of declaring a "non-semester" due to the pandemic and the closure of the university - hence the blog title "Das Tu Was Semester" ("The Do Something Semester"), chosen by the students themselves. At my new place of work in Giessen, I am working together again with the regional ECG group. We have started a service learning seminar together with actors of the university, civil society and business in the middle of Hesse.