"Köche und Kopftöpfe - wie sich Land- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft wandeln" [Chefs and cooking pots - How the agricultural and food economy is changing" - rhymes a little better in German] - under this title, around 25 people from the network of the Toepfer Foundation came together at Gut Siggen to engage in a one-week long conversation about the appreciation of regionally and ecologically produced food and the question of how healthy and nutritious food ends up on our plates. In the Siggen Encounter organized by Dr Klara Stumpf and myself in July 2021, we turned our attention to the minds behind the shift to a more sustainable agriculture and food economy. Our look first went back to the organic pioneers and their visions, ideas and concepts for an alternative agriculture and food economy. In doing so, we also looked at the development of agriculture, food processing and trade in the tension between niche and mass market and between what some emphasize as professionalization or condemn as conventionalization of the organic market. Special attention was then given to "sustainable food culture" in event management, event catering and in various (socio-)cultural contexts - all areas that increasingly demand healthy and sustainable food production and encourage the transformation of food systems. Our temporal and mental round trip finally led us to creative minds and "change agents" who are thinking and transforming our food supply and nutrition differently - from community supported agriculture, food co-ops and organic boxes to soil cooperatives that transform farmland into citizen ownership - and ultimately to the question: what role do we ourselves play as consumers and citizens? Our sincere thanks go to all the committed and inspiring participants as well as to the Toepfer Foundation, which is engaged in the fields of culture, science, education and future-oriented land use throughout Europe and makes this format of exchange possible every year.